Stephanie is just really, really good at what she does.

If you are in need of massage therapy in support of cancer treatment (as I am), I would encourage you to run, not walk, to your telephone and make an appointment to see her.

During an extraordinarily difficult time in my life, she is helping me find a path to healing. Best of all, you will feel great during your session and the effects on your physical and mental well-being will last for days afterwards. Very professional; sweet and soothing space; flexibility in scheduling and payment.
— Lauren

Myofascial Release increases range of motion and relieves tension due to the cumulative effects of habitual stress, injuries or the trauma of surgery. By applying a gentle and sustained pressure, heat sinks its way into the fascia allowing the connective tissue to stretch and release the tightness holding the muscles. This new space allows the muscles, joints, and lymph to move more freely. 

Oncology Massage is a specialized field designed for anyone, in any stage of cancer.  It is gentle, non-invasive bodywork with a focus on promoting relaxation, relieving anxiety, fear and stress, with intention to support the individual during pre- and post-operative surgeries and treatments while causing no harm. 

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Benefits of Oncology Massage

  • Restores a feeling of wholeness to the body
  • Contributes to a deep rest, enabling the space for healing
  • Increases range of motion and suppleness to areas affected by surgery and radiation
  • Provides education for self care techniques
  • Promotes stress reduction
  • Pain reduction
  • Reduces anxiety, fatique, feelings of isolation 
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves perception of treatment 

Mastectomy, lumpectomy and Top surgery massage gently addresses the profound and all-encompassing effects of surgery. Post surgery massage puts an emphasis on lymphatic patterning, reducing adhesions and preventing fibrotic tissue from forming. Massage will support your range of motion, address neuropathy, encourage the lymphatic system, reduce pain and swelling, reduce scarring and relax the nervous system. 

Breast massage brings nourishing, oxygen rich blood to the breast tissue. Movement and touch stimulate the lymphatic system to remove bacteria, waste products and excess proteins. Healthy lymph flow can help reduce swelling and tenderness, tone the skin, support scar tissue healing and reduce the potential for disease. 

Breast Pain may be a result of hormone fluctuations, surgery, lymphatic congestion, estrogen replacement therapy, water retention, or stress. To vitalize and clear the breasts start by loosening any constriction around the chest, practice good posture and deep breathing whenever you can. Move your breasts by gently shaking or pressing into them and sweep up toward your armpits. The lymph node clusters in your armpits are responsible for cleaning 75% of the fluid draining from the breast tissue. The more you can stretch and open this area the better.