There is metered parking on MLK Jr. St where spots can almost always be found and free parking is just around the corner on Plain Street and Green Street. The driveway next to the building is reserved for staff.

Sounds, scents and health

Welcome to our space, we ask that you please lower your voices to a whisper when you arrive and have your cell phones silenced. There are three offices upstairs that may be in session and could potentially be disrupted.

We are a scent sensitive office and appreciate that you refrain from scented body lotions, hair products, soaps and perfumes on the day of your visit. Please avoid smoking prior to your arrival, thank you.

Due to the nature of oncology work, we ask that you respect the delicacies of compromised immune systems and call ahead to reschedule your appointment if you are feeling the signs and symptoms of an illness coming on. We thank you.

Where to find us: