Stephanie is an outstanding healer.

She has an amazing touch and an intuitive sense of what I need.

She has helped me stay well and build my immune system through lymphatic massage.

Her knowledge of essential oils and aroma therapy is an added bonus.











Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is slow, deeply penetrating work that requires focused listening to subtle changes in the body's connective tissue contacting all structures in the body through a weblike matrix within our bodies called fascia. With a gentle touch the fascia is heated, loosened, and stretched, eliminating pain, increasing range of motion, removing tension due to the cumulative effects of habitual stress, injuries or the trauma of surgery.


Reflexology is a focused application of pressure to specific points, or reflexes on the feet and hands . The location of reflexes on the foot follow anatomical patterns that resemble the organs, muscles and bones of the body. From applied pressure a message is sent to the correlating organ, muscle, or bone stimulating relaxation and supporting the body's natural state of homeostasis.


Reiki is energy healing that awakens and reunites the spirits connectedness by balancing and harmonizing the bodies own energy field with universal vitality. With gentle holds above or on the body, movement, vibration and stillness, this modality encourages deep rest within, and a profound connection with universal love.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage was specifically designed to stimulate blood and lymph flow.  Swedish techniques directly affects the circulatory, nervous, and digestive systems, creating a sense of fluidity, well being, and relaxation.  Using fluid sweeping strokes, kneading and jostling, swedish massage is warming, energizing and relaxing.