Stephanie is a local treasure, she is my lymph nymph, my hero.

Highly recommended.

I have seen her since soon after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and she helped me through all the stages, including surgery and radiation, and continues to help as I deal with mets.

A holistic healer who knows many methodologies and continues to seek out coursework to learn and stay on top of her field.



I have never been a believer in massage therapy, but after suffering from lymph restriction due to prostate cancer, I now believe.

Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable of the entire lymphatic system and she not only provides a very relieving massage but is so very effective at teaching one how to self-treat for this condidtion.

She is very sensitive to my personal needs, my reservations, and genuinely cares about helping me deal with a difficult lymphedema condition.

I was referred to Stephanie by a physical therapist with swelling and pain in my legs due to blockage of the pelvic lymph nodes caused by my prostate cancer. Her massage therapy provided me with some immediate relief of that pain, and her instructions have helped me and my spouse to continue on with effective home treatments.

I highly recommend Stephanie for lymph therapy.


prostate cancer survivor 

Lymphatic Massage (Manual Lymph Drainage) encourages the flow of lymphatic fluid using light strokes, moving the skin and connective tissue to bring about a gentle pumping action in the tissues.

MLD is an excellent treatment for pre and post surgeries promoting detoxification of the entire body, reducing fluid retention and edemas, accelerating healing of burns, regeneration of tissue, and minimizing scarring. 

When even a single lymph node has been compromised as a result of surgery or radiation, the lymphatic fluid may “lose its course”, lacking the capacity for transporting fluids through that area. This can cause a back-up of fluid leading to swelling and when untreated can develop into Lymphedema.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage gently assists the flow of lymphatic fluid encouraging the lymph to find and regain a healthy path. 


  • Drink plenty of water or fresh natural juice two to four days before the sessions.  
  • Eat light at least on the day of the initial session.  
  • Avoid heavy, highly processed and greasy foods.

Lymphatic Support

  • Your clothing should be loose and not restrictive. 
  • Check for red marks on your skin when you remove your clothes at the end of the day.  If there are, loosen up!

Stimulate lymph flow

  • Activate your muscles with regular exercise and stretching.
  • Practice deep, diaphragmatic breathing using visualization to fill your body with fresh, energizing oxygen.
  • SWIM!  Simply Soak! Compression from the water is one of the best ways to move lymph.
  • Individuals with Lymphedema should avoid hot temperatures and follow the advice from your doctor.
  • Learn Manual Lymph Drainage and Self Care Techniques from your Therapist.