Stephanie Gray is an exceptionally committed caregiver, both in her pursuit of knowledge to help her clients, and in her commitment to the subtleties of each body and soul that are presented to her.


I always leave Stephanie carrying a deep resonating sense of life’s sacredness, and with a fresh, embracing feeling of connectedness to myself. 

I wish everyone would receive her work.


Breast health begins with getting acquainted and comfortable with what your breasts feel like, look like, and what to expect from them.  Our bodies are doing their absolute best to support us every moment of our lives, discovering our anatomy and physiology is participating in that process.

Mastectomy Massage is breast massage with a special emphasis on lymphatic patterning, reduction of swelling, increasing range of motion, improving sensation, scar reduction, pain alleviation, and promoting a positively enhanced body image.

  • Breast Pain may be a result of hormone fluctuations, surgery, lymphatic congestion, estrogen replacement therapy, poor posture, water retention, or stress.
  • Breast Massage can bring relief by increasing circulation and lymph flow through the mammary space, reducing swelling, healing scar tissue, and increasing range of motion.  Lymph plays a critical role in breast health being responsible for 75% of the drainage within the chest.
  • Breast massage will reduce monthly tenderness, increase relaxation, suppleness and elasticity.
  • Educate yourself with body awareness.  Good posture, deep breathing techniques, and self breast massage will also support breast health.  
  • Constriction of tight clothing, improperly fitted bras, and lack of movement or touch, increases the potential for disease to develop in the breast tissue consisting primarily of fat which provides the most ideal environment for toxins to burrow and nest.
  • A simple technique for increasing blood flow and bringing fresh oxygen to the breast tissue is to simply jiggle or gently shake the breasts each time you remove your bra!


If you have been struggling with lymphedema or other side effects of breast and node surgery, give yourself the gift of a healing massage package with Stephanie Gray.  

Not only does she specialize in oncological massage, her solid and centered presence is a balm to the battered spirit.  Her massage is careful and gentle, yet therapeutic, targeting the special concerns and challenges of a breast cancer client.

Stephanie also educates you about your condition and teaches you self-massage techniques to take home with you.  I am truly grateful to be in the capable hands of Stephanie Gray, and frankly would feel much less hopeful about my situation without her expertise and care.


Breast cancer survivor